Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Trends - Espadrilles!

Continuing on with my spring trends guide today I wanted to touch upon espadrilles.  I know that espadrilles are popular each spring and summer season, but for some reason, I really love them this year.  It could be my starvation for a tropical vacation talking but espadrilles just scream warm weather and the thought of wearing them with shorts and dresses this summer makes me giddy.  

I’ve seen such a wonderful selection of espadrilles this season.  From Target to Rebecca Minkoff, below are a few of my favorite picks for this spring and summer.  






Monday, March 30, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Not since the Missoni for Target collaboration a few years ago have I been so excited for a Target collection.  I’ve been waiting for this look book for months since it was announced back in January and it did not disappoint! 

The prints chosen for this collection really stay true to the Lilly Pulitzer brand and I’m happy to see that the collection doesn’t appear to have been cheapened in the slightest despite the price points.  As for the quality of the collection, we’ll have to wait and see.  With 250 pieces ranging from $2 to a $250 patio umbrella (which is to die for…shame I have not use for it) nearly anyone is likely to find a treasure or two or three…

The clothing pieces in this collection are truly the stand outs from the rompers and bikinis to the dresses and shorts, the styles and prints scream take me somewhere tropical!  I am slightly disappointed in the selection of home items as I would have loved to have seen some place mats in the collection but overall the collection exceeds my expectations.

Right in time for spring and summer, this collection is sure to sell out within minutes online and I’m sure the fight for the items at the store will be epic.  I’ve already started my plan of attack…which highly depends on how my online shopping goes the night before…Eddie has been warned and he might have to join me as my second set of hands that morning at Target…we’ll see.  

Below are my personal picks from the collection which releases April 19th and the full collection can be viewed by clicking here: Shop Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Good luck ladies…may the battle begin!



Monday, March 23, 2015

Current Obsessions

1.  Straw totes - I'm totally loving the idea of carrying around a straw tote this summer as a handbag....more to come on this later
Macys Straw Studios

2.  Olivia Palermo - I mean...who is this chick?  Whoever she is...her outfits are insane.  I really admire how she's always so put together and looks effortless!  I've pinned so many of her shots on Pinterest it's ridiculous.  A girl can aspire to look this perfect right??  

This picture is where my straw tote obsession began.  She looks so effortless and chic!  Not to mention I love printed flowy shorts and skirts!
Comfy and Chic right?!

Stipes...enough said.

Denim on denim.  I need to embrace this.  I love the pop of color in the shoes

So fresh and easy and the flats! 


Have a good week everyone!



Sunday, March 15, 2015

Feeling Fortunate

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that Eddie and I thought it would be fun to take a day trip to LA to visit a few of the places that had been on my list for what seems like forever.  We had such a lovely day and ended our night at the Santa Monica Promenade for a little shopping.  I scored some awesome rose gold gladiator sandals for $19  from Urban Outfitters which is such a ridiculous bargain I couldn't say no, plus Eddie agreed the bargain was pretty darn good (I'll include a pic of those below).  

Anyway, I saw such beautiful sights that I wanted to document these on my blog.  I mentioned to Eddie that this summer we have to come back to Santa Monica and take advantage of that beach and simply walk and relax on the sand.  Days like these really make me appreciative and fortunate for all the blessings in my life.  Nothing is perfect and our lives are far from it, but we have our health and happiness and really what else matters?  I really want to focus on enjoying the little things this year...

Urban Lights.  I've seen these in so many movies, I was excited to finally see them in person.  Pretty cool.  
La Brea Tar Pits (Totally smelled like tar here and Eddie claims that the mom looks so distressed and that the father looks chill because he pushed her in)

Almost 4 years ago, Eddie proposed way over there on that pier :)  Nice to see it from a different angle and that sky.....oh my
Eddie still hates selfies :)

ohhh... and these beauties!


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!



Spring Trends - Bucket Bags

With spring literally around the corner, officially next Friday, I'm itching to break out my sandals and shorts.  The weather in Southern California right now is absolutely beautiful!  Literally as I type I can feel the warm breeze coming through our sliding door.  Its's just lovely and this warm weather puts me in a cheery and bright mood.  I've officially painted my nails and toenails a cheery color in preparation for sandal weather.

In celebration of the kickoff of spring I wanted to share a few spring trends that I'm looking forward to.  The first is mini bucket bags.  All the bloggers I follow have been sporting these absolutely adorable bucket bags and I'm so happy bucket bags are popular bag.  The re-popularity of bucket bags really cements the fact that everything that becomes old eventually comes back fresh and new.  It also makes me kick myself for selling my old Elliott Lucca bucket bag, darn it!

Below are a few bucket bags I've been drooling over:


 Cheers to warm weather and bright nail polish!



Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dealing with Stress!

After a few very stressful weeks at work, I feel like I can finally breathe.  January and February are always the busiest months of the year for me.  March 1st marks the most important deadline at work and the amounts of work I'm expected to complete each year always seems unmanageable and quite frankly impossible.  Overtime is almost always required which for me, isn't something I'm used to or something I enjoy, however, that's life and in reality it's a short amount of time throughout my year.  In today's post I wanted to share a few of the tips that really helped me get through the past few weeks.  Some of these tips I wish I had followed more religiously but for the times I did follow them I found that it really helped to clear my head and allow me to breathe!
  1. Take a walk....twice a day, two ten minute walks during your work day.  You'll come back ready to work with a refreshed mind and energized body
  2. Breathe...practicing breathing during your day, long deep breaths.  I've picked this up from Yoga and it really helps place tasks in perspective and refresh your mind and body
  3. Stretch....another Yoga tip.  Occasional body stretches, arms, neck, legs, this not only feels good but it's good for you
  4. Block everyone out....turn off your email, IM, put in your headphones, even if nothing is coming out of them and just concentrate and work
  5. Don't skip meals....even if I was eating lunch at my desk, I still made sure to eat my breakfast and lunch
  6. Drink water!  duh!
  7. Quick dinner meal plans during this time is essential to survive and still provide for your loved ones
  8. Prioritize your weekday  house work, if it isn't necessary, leave it...it will still be there when you have time (I have the hardest time with this one)
  9. Plan accordingly....this one is a given, time management and prioritization are key and while it's important to try and keep to your original project plan, it's imperative to understand that changes will undoubtedly occur throughout the madness and you just simply have to try and adapt as best as possible.

In the end, it will hopefully all just be a bad memory and you can keep on with the rest of your life, but while in the mix of it, I really found these tips to be useful.  Thank goodness for a new month and dreams of blue skies and sunshine.



Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Polish Picks for Valentine's Day

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite polishes that I like to wear around Valentine's day.  Really these polishes are great year around, but I especially enjoy them in February.  If anything, great nudes are always a plus since they are often hard to find and always remember that a great nude with a tan = hot mama!

Aren't they beauties?  I like to call this the group shot...work it ladies
These two are really great classic fuchsia pinks.  OPI Kiss me on my Tulips ( I mean, come on!) & Revlon Sweet Tart (Only my favorite candy ever)  The application on both of these is great, both opaque in two coats
These ladies certainly are special.  Top to bottom, left to right: OPI Mod about you, Essie Ballet Slippers, OPI I Theodora You, Essie Fiji.  These are all fairly nude light shades, so three coats is desired for all, but they all do offer a beautiful nude hue with a hint of light pink

I had to throw in these two top coats because these are total game changers.  The Seche Vite top coat on the right is unbelievable.  By far the best top coat I've ever used to date and I've tried my fair share.  It literally will dry your polish in less than three minutes and leaves it shiny and beautiful.  I can honestly say I will probably always own this top coat and would recommend it to absolutely everyone.  The Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D Top Coat is a new find that will very likely show up in my favorites at some point.  While it takes forever to dry unless you throw Seche Vite over it, it leaves your nails so shiny and thick it literally does look like you have a gel manicure!  Great stuff!

I hope this post motivated some of you to go and do your nails for Valentine's Day!  Do it for yourself!  I always feel so much more put together with manicured nails.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day full of hearts and kisses from those you love!